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Padel Court Installations in Dubai

Padel, a rapidly growing sport globally and especially in Dubai, offers an excellent way to stay active, socialise, and enjoy the outdoors. By choosing Easi-Landscapes for your Padel Court installation, you’re not just adding a sports facility; you’re enhancing your lifestyle with a dynamic and engaging outdoor activity.

Easi-Landscapes, the leading name in luxurious outdoor living and landscaping in Dubai, is now offering bespoke Padel Court installations. With our signature blend of British design excellence and over 30 years of experience in the UAE, we are bringing an innovative addition to your residential or commercial outdoor spaces

  • Each Padel Court is designed to seamlessly integrate with your space.
  • Utilise the highest-grade materials for durability and a superior finish.
  • Enjoy a hassle-free installation process handled by experienced professionals.
  • Offering solutions for both private residences and commercial spaces.


For Tennis Clubs

Transform underutilised tennis courts into vibrant Padel hubs. This strategic upgrade can double or triple your court utility, sparking new interest, enhancing member benefits with the latest sports craze, and boosting tennis coaching appeal. Lead in sports innovation by introducing the swiftly growing phenomenon of Padel.

For Private & Residential Settings

Elevate your home with the excitement of Padel, the rapidly expanding racket sport perfect for all ages. Our custom installations fit elegantly into less space than traditional tennis courts, offering endless fun and a unique way to entertain family and friends.

For Schools & Educational Institutions

Introduce students to Padel, a thrilling, easy-to-learn sport that fits up to three courts in the space of one tennis court. This addition can significantly enhance your institution’s sports offerings and open new avenues for commercial rentals and engaging physical education.

For Tournament Organizers

Leverage our three decades of sports event expertise to host memorable Padel tournaments. Our turnkey solutions for temporary or permanent Padel court installations ensure professional-grade playability and flexibility for events or facilities seeking adaptable sports options.

What do our Padel Court services include?

At Easi-Landscapes, our Padel Court solutions are crafted to meet the highest standards of quality, performance, and aesthetics. We offer a comprehensive suite of options that cater to every aspect of Padel Court construction and maintenance.

  • ComfortGlass or Fiberglass
  • Canopies and Roof Coverings
  • Selection of Padel Surfaces and Colours
  • Full Padel Court Resurfacing Services
  • Maintenance and After-Care Services
  • Professional Clean and Repair
  • International Padel Federation (IPF) & LTA Compliance

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British management

Successfully completed 1,500+ projects in the UAE

30 years’ experience

Free consultations and 2D designs

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